We change the way you manage your contacts

Contact data management how it should be.

gladdress is a unique application which allows you to manage all of your contacts and personal address data in one place.

From now on, you will never again have to contact anyone in case you change your contact data – your contacts will have it updated automatically.

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What is Gladdress?

Your central address management tool

Maintain your contact and address data at a single source

Instead of updating every account of your online life in case of a change, make one update and everyone you want to gets to know it – your personal contacts online accounts or shops.

Your dynamic address book

Always have your contacts up to date – automatically, anytime, anywhere

Image one of your contacts changes his telephone number, Email address or his workplace – from now on, such a change will be automatically updated within your phones address book.

Add a new contact within seconds

Exchange contact data of people you meet within seconds

Add new people you meet via QR, NFC, SMS, Email or WhatsApp to your contacts and have all details they want to share with you always up to date. The same works the other way around – give people you meet your own contact data within seconds.

Create multiple glad-cards for every occasion

Differentiate between your private and business life by having multiple glad-cards

You meet a new business contact but don`t want to give him your private number or address? No problem. Give him your business glad-card where you have predefined what you want to share with new business contacts.

A glad-card is your always up-to-date, digital business card for every occasion!

Apps & Plugins

You can use gladdress everywhere, thanks to our apps & plugins

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  • Plugins
  • Libraries
Chrome Plugin Fill in any form with the data of your glad-card, automatically
iOS App Cool app for your iPhone and iPad
Android App Cool app for your Android phone
Windows Phone App Cool App for your Windows Phone
gladdress Contacts A web-client for gladdress to manage your contacts
PHP Library Code your own gladdress integration with PHP
.NET Library (Nuget)) Code your own gladdress intergration with .NET

You created something beautiful with gladdress?

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You have full control over your data!

You alone select what data you would like to share and with whom. You can even choose to take away the ability to updated from somebody you shared your proile with.


Your data is more safe on our servers than on your harddisk!

Gladdress stores your data encrypted in multiple high-security datacenters.


Gladdress is absolutely free for personal use with no restrictions!

If you run a business and want to cut down the administrative efforts and costs, check out our prices for business. We promise to take away the effort & stress from you and we even do it for a fraction of the cost.

gladdress is still in development phase.

Please note that there may be incomplete or inaccurate information stated on the website and that the apps are not yet available to the public. Give us some time and soon you can enjoy a service that will change the way you interact with other people!